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Chapter 99: Stargate: Part 1

Posted by SGCaper on January 21, 2021 at 10:45 PM

"Is your team ready, Lieutenant?"


"Yes, sir. Ready and waiting."


"Activate the gate!" The Communications Officers rushed to set coordinates, ensuring the proper alignment of the chevrons. The stone gate seems to come alive as the rings turn, aligning, the chevrons locking as they connect. With a woosh, an almost liquid looking substance shoots from the gate before returning to its position as a gateway through the circular monolith. The Stormtrooper Lieutenant turns to his team, the light emanating from the gateway giving him an ephemeral glow, "It's now or never!" And he steps through the gate.





"Bloody fuckin' 'ell." From the outside, the Iron Grenadiers made quick work of their defenses. They set explosives on the main entry door. The subsequent shockwaves rattle the building to its foundation. "Gunna! Brimstone! Secure the Gate!" The two men run off without a second look. "Scáthach! Castor! Get ready to push back the invaders!" They built the base with multiple layers of security including, areas reinforced to act as cover. The areas were further bolstered after the undead rising, to ensure not only clear lines of fire but maximum protection as well. "Pick your shots. Make each one count!" From behind them, they heard the roar of Gunna's shotgun. "There's nothing we can do for them. Either they stop whatever is coming through, or they die. That's the same choice we have." Just then, the first black helmet came poked around the corner. It dropped after a well-placed round from Scáthach found its mark. Then all Hell broke loose.


Bullets filled the air from both sides. Several more Iron Grenadiers fell, being pulled out of the area by their comrades.


In the Stargate room, Gunna and Brimstone were hard at work trying to repel the unknown forces coming through the Stargate. The invaders' armor was bright white. Their weapons shooting not lead, but high-velocity plasma that instantaneously melted a hole through whatever it hit. "Wha' the fuck are they shooting at us?" Brimstone doesn't answer Gunna. He lays down more cover fire emptying another magazine in the process. As Brimstone reloads, Gunna empties his Benelli M4 in seconds, hitting one of the advancing enemies.


Back at the front hall, the air is heavy with smoke, the smell of gun powder thick enough to choke on. Each Iron Grenadier they drop is pulled from the line, and two more take their place. "Last mag!" the words send chills down Dublin's spine. He knows that means Scáthach will transition to her pistol, making the base that much harder to hold. A group of Iron Grenadiers readies themselves to press their attack when their attention is taken off the Rangers shooting at them and is redirected at a new and unexpected threat the dead Iron Grenadiers begin to attack.


At the same moment in the bunker, the downed Storm Trooper reaches out a hand and grabs the ankle of his commanding officer, pulling him down. The Lieutenant lands with a hard thud. "What the?" He sees the trooper dragging itself towards him, its armor having broken open like a Puffer Turtle from Clak'dor VII. Black ooze fills the wound where there should be crimson blood. "Fuck!" He kicks at the Stormtrooper, knocking its helmet off, exposing the mottled gray skin and fogged over yellow eyes. Black puss leaches from it's snapping mouth. "The planets infected!" The words do not fall on deaf ears, their communications having been left open to the Imperial Base where the Empire has its Stargate. The Lieutenant points his blaster at the creature at his foot and sends a bolt straight through its cranium. "Request immediate evac!" The response, the closing of the Stargate followed by the frantic voice of their commander, "The Gate is locked. The planet is under Imperial quarantine." Just then, the double doors that lead out of the Stargate lab burst open, and three soldiers run through, slamming them shut and stacking crates against them. The sounds of flesh smashing against the door echos through the room, followed by the blood-curdling moan of the undead. All shooting stopped. The Rangers' split their attention between the bulging door and the armor-wearing enemies at their back. Had the Stormtroopers not been wearing helmets, the Rangers would have seen the abject terror on their faces. For all the good it did, the Rangers could hear, but not understand, what was being shouted by the white-clad attackers. All weapons turned toward the door. It pulsated under the repeated attacks of the flesh-eating creatures on the other side. "Dublin, what the fuck is going on?" The panic in Gunna's becoming palatable.


"I don't fuckin' know! We dropped them, and they turned!" The banging continued.


"What's the situation here?" Dublin was looking from the door to the aliens that seemed to be setting up some large weapon.


"I don't know, sir! These guys came through we killed one, they shot him in the head."


"How the fuck are they turning without being bitten?" Castor shouts as he grabs a rifle from the wall. The doors buckle. The hinges scream as they tear from the wall. The Rangers fall back near the new enemy that had come through the Stargate. The newcomers finish setting up a nasty-looking weapon. A Stormtrooper stands at the trigger controls while another stands back to back with him bracing him. The others look for cover. The Rangers follow suit. The doors give, and the grasping hands of the undead push through looking for a meal. Then, the Stormtroopers let loose with the E-Web heavy repeating blaster. The reinforced concrete is no match for the Imperial armament. The bolts tear through rock and flash alike. The horde struggles and trips over the bodies of the fallen; many truly dead, others trying to drag their way toward dinner.




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