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The Iron Grenadiers, Destro's personal army. Their ranks are filled with only the most loyal souls from the Scottish Isle. All highly trained and outfitted with the newest weapons systems and weapons platforms available they protect the Laird's interests both at home and abroad.

The newest Unit being formed made up of two advanced heavy weapons platforms; the M56 Smart Gun which fires 10mm caseless high-explosive rounds at a rate of 1200 rpm and the M134D-H Hybrid Gatling Gun firing 7.62x51 mm NATO at 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute. Combined with a servo-driven advanced armor system these weapons allow the users to mow down enemies en masse.

During the fall of Castle Destro the brave men of the IG Heavy Weapons Unit defended the castle from an ever increasing horde but were inevitably overrun by the sheer volume of THEM.


Carrying the M134D-H Hybrid Gatling Gun Officers can be identified by the gold shoulder and facemask armor.

Sergeants Also using the M134D-H Hybrid Gatling Gun Sergeants can be identified by the silver face armor.

Officer and Sergeant

Troopers carry the M56 Smart Gun:

The Whole Group


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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