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Doctor Brian Binder, A.K.A. Dr. Mindbender, graduate of Harvard Medical School did his residency at Mass General. A top notch Neurosurgeon with articles in multiple neuroscience publications, as well as a specialist in genetics.


Celebrated for his unwavering and professional technique he traveled the world with his beautiful wife doing speaking engagements and medical school demonstrations. To use the cliche “the world was his oyster,” he was a man who could do no wrong, then there was the accident…


The car came out of nowhere and t-boned his black Mercedes, killing his wife instantly. The resulting brain injury suffered by Brian led to his being stripped of his license to practice medicine. He had suffered a severe injury that caused a break in personality, one moment he would be the bright, intelligent, and cordial Dr. Binder, the next he’d strip off his shirt and become an unpredictable sociopath of the highest order.


The tragic loss of his wife coupled with the loss of his livelihood led Brian down a dark path of anger, hate, and vengeance. He found the driver of the car, who had been drinking and walked away unscathed, and turned his world upside down. Brian found the man three sheets to the wind in a dive bar, the same one where he had been drinking the night of the accident. Brian sat in a booth watching the man drown his sorrows in pint after pint. As the drunkard stumbled from his stool and out the door Brian followed close behind.


What happened next is the stuff of nightmares.


Brian put the man in the back of his own car and drove the location of the accident after telling the man of his plan, binding his wrists, and gagging him they drove in darkness to a remote location. The drunk was found several days later by a homeless man trying to find protection from the rain. The man’s skull cap had been removed, his brain had numerous probes inserted and even more pieces missing. An intravenous line kept him alive. He had become a babbling fool, suffering loss of all muscle control and body functions. He died in the hospital screaming.



The next time Brian Binder was seen was on security footage. He had broken into a Harvard research lab and stolen numerous files all related to the work of Dr. Kenneth Rich, a Psy-Ops specialist and member of the elite G.I. Joe counter terrorism team. The next sightings were of Binder, now going by the moniker Dr. Mindbender, running interrogations of American troops on foreign soil.


How he met up with Cobra is anyone’s guess but one thing that is known is that he runs all the neuroscience and genetics based research. All signs point to his Dr. Binder persona having been completely replaced by the psychotic Dr. Mindbender. He on occasion dons the clothing and personality of Dr. Binder, but it’s all an act. Under the surface lurks a mad man, one who lacks all empathy for human life. What’s most terrifying is has retained his brilliance for the mind and its manipulation. With his growing knowledge and experience with genetics he continues to break all laws of ethics and rules of morality. He found a place in Cobra that allows him to do things that would make even Joseph Mengele shudder.


The Dr. Binder persona, or better yet mask, is the one seen most often walking the halls of the Cobra Terrordome. It is also the one most often seen in meetings with the upper echelon of Cobra.

Dr. Mindbender...

If you see this look of Mindbender you are better off dead.





"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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