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Somewhere along the Amazon River lies a hidden bed of snakes. Cobras to be specific. This particular Vipers Nest contains eight of Cobra's most ruthless men. Men highly trained whose sole purpose is to collect intel which may be useful to the organization. Led by Lieutenant Onesi, a squad of highly trained soldiers; made up of three Vipers, a sniper, and a BAT provides protection for a tech team of Tele-Viper Finch and Techno-Viper Kosa. A lone pilot is also assigned to the base, the purpose for a pilot in the thick of the Amazon jungle remains a mystery.

One thing is for sure this group of Cobras have not been sent to the jungle as a punishment. They have all served for years with the organization and have all received numerous commendations. Each is a seasoned warrior having faced off against the likes of the G.I. Joe multiple times. For their obedience and willingness to work in the sweltering heat and humidity the men are handsomely compensated. Far more so then any other Cobras assigned to listening distant posts. Rest assured when their time to leave the organization comes they will live the lives we all wish we could.


The men pass the time by routinely harassing the nearby village of locals. They regularly enter the village in a modified pick up at which point they gather the inhabitants and search the village. What they are looking for they never say, nor do they ever find more than a few firearms, which they confiscate. The purpose of these raids is unclear, perhaps it's just a bunch of good ol' boys letting off steam. Perhaps it's to reinforce their training. Whatever the purpose the villagers have resigned themselves to living in fear of the snakes in the grass.


The original Viper's Nest figures:

Lt. Onesi - Call sign - Alpha 1


Sniper Akin - Call Sign - Dark Horse


Techno-Viper Kosa - Call sign - Spectre


Tele-Viper Finch - Call Sign - Operator

Vipers L to R:

Crouch - Call Sign - Narceron

(Pictured with BAT)

Young - Call Sign - Yeti

Lee - Call Sign - Viper




"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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