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Hatch has seen action all around the world; Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, just to name a few. Yet, he's not in the military. He is an embedded combat journalist. He volunteers to be sent into the shit, outside the wire, down range, really anywhere the action is. His mission to document what he witnesses. When THEY began to walk the Earth Hatch found himself on assignment. The job, to tag along with a 1% biker gang. Their lawyers paid good money to try and create a positive image in light of recent Racketerring charges.

So now he travels the wastelands with a group of Dreadnoks in search of Zartan.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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