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Yeah I know him. He is a Super Soldier. You know like Captain America. It was all the rage, Super Soldiers. Everyone wanted one; Navy, Air Force, Marine, even the Coast Guard. Well good ol' Popeye was the Navy's attempt. They followed the same steps that the project team that created Captain America did, sure they added a few things. But hey them's the breaks right.

So anyway this guy goes through the process and comes out the other side... At first the Navy thought he would be useless, it's rumored that he was scheduled for "elimination." Ya know cause he's, ya know, odd looking. Of course people learned about him, even knowing his background and his numerous awards and commendations, including 6 Medals of Honor from 6 different President's couldn't sell him to the public, they thought he was too weird lookin'. Turns out he was stronger then anyone and anything, including Captain America. He was vital to the war effort. Reports have him single handedly punching through enemy ships. Anyway, the Navy hid him from the public, he never got the press that Cap did. There were rumors in the media, fuzzy photos, enemy combatants talking about a human tank punching its way through their ships and bases.

The knife? Aparently even though the guy can smash through a battleship the Navy made it clear he wouldn't be allowed into combat without some sort of weapon or equipment. They said, "Even Cap has a shield." So he picked up a knife, strapped it to his hip, and walked into battle.

His powers? You mean like could he fly or read minds? Nah, he's strong. Really strong. He's bullet proof, the damn things just bounce off him. How he got tattoos no one knows. He also ages incredibly slow. He's actually the same age as Cap. Only instead of being frozen in ice he lived through the years. Seeing the love of his life, Olive, damn near drove him mad. He tried commiting suicide but couldn't find a way to kill himself. So he just trudged on.

Where is he now? No one knows. When the dead began walking he was on a ship out at sea. I heard the ship was found run aground swarming with those things, a giant hole punched through the side. Pretty sure he's immune or something, at least I hope he is, I'd hate to see what a zombified version is capable of.

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Been alone since Olive passed. Sure there were other peoples around but I was alone. I'm still alone, unless you count dem things. Damn zombies. Der everywhere. Except 'ere. My own little slice of tropical 'ell. Dey wash ashore er-ry so often but I've gotten used to eliminatin' dem.


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Oh what fun! I love thinking about Popeye killing zombies. Can he be on our team?


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