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The Man with the Yellow Hat. That's what folks call him. His companion George... he's... curious. He's also well trained and adept with a knife. Not that he needs it. Like all Chimpanzees he's far stronger than any man add is razor sharp teeth and he's a fearsome foe.


"What is it?" The Man asks his companion. He's learned over the years to trust his friends far superior senses. The large Chimpanzee's nostrils flare he stares out of the brush thy had taken refuge in. His eyes locked on a point off to the left of their position. "You smell something?" The Man scans the area. "Is it THEM?"

"Unf." Is the response.

"People." He spits the word out. He would happily face down a never ending horde of undead. At least they can be trusted to behave one way, they attack. People. They can never be trusted. Even the most well meaning will turn the moment you have something they think they want or need. It's happened to The Man and George far too often since it all started; he and George would stumble upon a group of people in need of help, and George, always curious, would convince The Man to make contact. They would assist the best way they knew how, killing zombies. Then, as was always the case, the kind folks they helped out would turn against them. Some simply tried to steal arms or ammo, others would attempt to capture George in order to eat him. The first group they'd simply escape. The second group, they'd eliminate the threat with extreme prejudice.

Now the duo sat in the brush waiting to asses the current threat. He shouldered his rifle and aimed in the direction that George's eyes were locked on. It took several minutes but The Man finally heard what George had warned him was coming. The group came down the trail single file. Their clothing was made up of old military fatigues in various camouflage patterns. Their gear a patch work of military, police, and civilian all showing signs of long use and top notch maintenance. "Marauders." The Man whispered audible to only George and himself.

The group moved with practiced precision. They went with a purpose. Eyes sharply scanned their lines of sight for anything that was out of the ordinary. Anything that could be one of THEM. Yet, somehow they passed right by The Man in the Yellow Hat and his Chimpanzee companion. The two remained frozen still The Man still sighting down his rifle in the direction they group had gone. After what felt like an eternity the two melted into the forest.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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