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Nephilim spent decades as a loyal Night Creeper.


Night Creepers are the faceless legion of Cobra; they do whatever tasks Cobra Commander needs of them; abduction, assassination, espionage. Only those with the highest levels of clearance, or the deepest pockets, had even the slightest inkling of the Night Creepers. To the outside world, they do not exist.


The leaders and politicians of Eastern Europe spoke of the Night Creepers' work in hushed whispers; the Night Creepers were boogiemen. If a head of state went missing, only to show up dead days or weeks later, it was the boogiemen.


Nephilim's fall from grace began in a snatch and grab mission. The orders were to abduct a wealthy businessman that was standing in the way of an Arbco operation. They were to eliminate anyone that got in their way. They came in the evening, entering the master suite of the man through a carelessly left open balcony door, of course, it was on the fifth floor of a hardened castle built on the edge of a hundred-foot sheer cliff. The three Creepers entered without a sound. The man was in bed with his wife. Two of them quickly snatched the man from his bed and returned to the balcony. Nephilim provided security as they left; they were nearly clear when a small body squirmed up from under the covers. The man's little daughter had climbed into bed after a bad dream and was now staring at the Night Creepers as they were leaving with her father. Nephilim had drawn a Bo-shuriken when he heard the movement. Seeing the small child, he hesitated only a moment. The woosh of air was all he felt before another Creeper had sent a Bo-shuriken into the middle of the child's skull.


Nephilim faced swift disciplinary action for his inaction. When the dead rose, he took that as his sign and went AWOL (Absent Without Leave). He was labeled a deserter during a time of war. He has spent years surviving the Wastes, No Mans' Land, even Cobra Occupied territory, all while being hunted by his former comrades. He works to restore his integrity and honor, helping those he can while evading those that want his life.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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