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Cobra, once the most feared terrorist organization in the world has seen its troop count, power, and finances reduced to almost nothing. And Cobra Commander couldn't be happier.

As Cobra grew so too did the egos of those within the upper echelons. Everyone wanted to lead, everyone wanted the biggest slice of the pie, and Cobra Commander had to watch his every move. Assassination attempts were numerous and all failed. Feeling the strain after a particularly brutal attempt, Cobra Commander made a decision that eventually led to his undoing.


Recruiting the well known and feared General Eisnekopf, Cobra Commander ordered the creation of a new branch of Cobra Trooper, the Storm Trooper. The Storm Troopers are ruthless some say soulless soldiers, taking orders only from the good General himself the Storm Troopers cleared the ranks of any and all who may betray the great Commander. Eisenkopf went as far as convincing Cobra Commander that the Crimson Guard needed to be disbanded and reborn under his command, not that of Tomax or Xamot. The Commander agreed fully, especially considering that he had survived a series of attacks all perpetrated by Fred model Seiges.

With his most "loyal" troops now under the command of the good General, Cobra Commander felt that he was finally safe and could focus on his master plan. Until the plague.


At the onset of the upheaval those who were able to, left the mainland for the perceived "safety" of the sea. Ships of all types and classes weighed anchor, whether they were prepared or not. Luxury liners, barges, pleasure boats, inflatables overflowing with people floated upon the great blue, refugees with no land to call home, many tried to make it to one of the many islands that dot the sea. Most were met by other refugees fleeing THEM. There was, however, one island that was free of THEM and secure.

Cobra Commander turned Cobra Island into a safe-haven for any and all refugees who could make it to her shores. All were checked for infections and if given a clean bill of health were assigned to quarters and given a job. Those who made it were thankful and quickly came to see Cobra Commander as a savior. That is until the Great Purge.

Cobra Island quickly filled to the brink with huddled masses. As head of Cobra Island security General Eisenkopf's first order of business was to replace the regular Cobra Blue Shirts with Storm Troopers at all posts around the island. He maintained order with a cruel hand that began to turn the new populace against Cobra. Using the threat of a refugee uprising General Eisenkopf convinced Cobra Commander to allow him to begin purging the refugees. Against the advice of his aides, Tomax and Xamot, Cobra Commander agreed. Little did he know the General's true intentions.

It started at midnight 13 months after the first outbreak, 12 months after the arrival of the first refugees. The Storm Troopers entered a corner of Cobra Island and began to dispose of the island's inhabitants. Within hours most of the refugees were no more. Their bodies dumped into the surrounding swamps to become meals for its hungry inhabitants.

General Eisenkopf then turned his attention on the Commander. A tense firefight ensued between General Eisenkopf loyalists and Cobra Commander loyalists. The turning point came when General Eisenkopf gave the order and the Crimson Guard, who were fighting along side Cobra Commander, turned and began killing Cobra Troopers and Officers. Tomax and Xamot, seeing that Cobra Island was no longer a haven, forced the reluctant Cobra Commander to escape with them.

The Commander along with Tomax and Xamot went gone underground. Quietly plotting their next moves. Waiting for the time opportune time for Cobra to be reborn.

The events that have transpired since have shown the Commander that to be successful he must not only be in charge but he must lead the charge. His "good" General seized control of Cobra, marched upon Washington and took the White House, declaring that Cobra Commander was to be killed on sight. It will be the last time Cobra Commander is betrayed.



"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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And somewhere, in a distant land, lurking among the shadows from ancient trees of a hostile jungle, another watches and waits...


Soon this new player will make contact with the twins and their accursed shamed leader.  In the meantime there are many of THEM to be hunted and disposed of...

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Xamot turned to his brother Xamot and Cobra Commander.   "We need more help here.  We're running out of ammunition and there's no back coming to back us up."

Tomax answered increduously, "Yes, thank you for pointing out the very obvious."  He gimaced.  "Where the hell are you going with this?"


"There's someone who can help us if we can make it to her location," Xamot replied.


It took a minute of thought before his twin's solution became clear.  "Yes, yes indeed."   He looked to the hapless former Cobra leader standing next to him.   "We have to travel south."


Behind his hood, CC narrowed his eyes at the twins.  He was in the dark here about their plan...  But all he could do was hope something was about to go right finally.  "Let's go," he said.

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