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General Eisenkopf

Sergeant Major Pestalozzi a.k.a. Bonecutter

Major Wolfgang Schraff a.k.a. Schädelmaske

Dr. Faustus

All associated Storm Tropers

All associated Seiges



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The Storm Troopers are a highly trained group of soldiers under the command of General Eisenkopf. Little is known about the General but what has been pieced together is disturbing. Prior to usurping Cobra Commander, the Eisenkopf was a member of the Third Reich, advised the leaders of Russia, China, and North Korea during the Korean War, and was advisor to President Hussein during the Gulf War.

Many think that his skills as an advisor are nill due to his alway working for the "wrong team." After the take over of Cobra, those people may want to rethink their stance. His cunning and leadership are surpassed only by his troops total loyalty to his every command. There is no hesitation among the ranks of the Storm Troopers. Those who serve the General serve to the death.

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The "Good General" has ties to the Red Skull and Hydra. What his connections are remains to be uncovered. With Red Skull emerging from the devestation of the world and residing on Cobra Island some specualte that he pulls the strings of General Eisenkopf. Others think it's the other way around.


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