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Not much is known of the past of General Eisenkopf. What has been compiled amounts to a few pages of notes, a handful of pictures, and a lot of questions. The General made his first appearance under the Third Reich. At the time he was a Colonel in the SS. His next appearance came during the Korean War. It was then that he wore the rank of General. During the war it is believed that General Eisenkopf was advising Russian, Korean, and Chinese leaders. The General fell off the intelligence community radar until Desert Storm where he was acting as an advisor to President Hussein. It was during this time period that the most information was gathered. At some point during the downfall of Sadam's regime that General Eisenkopf came to the attention of Cobra Commander.

Using his influence to gain the trust of Cobra Commander, the good General Eisenkopf took power of Cobra during what should have been the Commander's finest hour.


During the formation of the Storm Troopers, the good General assured the Commander that the troops were being selected from those deemed most loyal within the Cobra organization. General Eisekopf was selecting those most loyal then killing them. The Troopers were then made up of men who had served Eisenkopf over the years. Thinning the ranks of Cobra loyalists left Cobra full of those who would work for whoever could pay or scare them more.


The overthrow complete, Eisenkopf had thousands of Cobra Officers, Troopers, and Vipers executed.

The last note of this report we would like to point out that during each of General Eisenkopf's appearances he has worked for the losing side. Is this because he is a poor General? Before a conclusion is made we like to point out that at no time in history have any soldiers under the General's direct leadership have ever surrendered or been captured. More surprising is the fact that no records exist of any of General Eisenkopf's troops ever being killed in action...

More pics to come.

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I like this one, give his facemask a nice wash to bring out the detail and you have a winner +1.

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