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A feared unscrupulous assassin who would take a contract from one person only to accept the counter offer from the target thus killing his first employer. He continues to ply his trade for the highest bidders throughout Europe. He's fast becoming a pain in the ass for the Monarchy.


It was him again. Fantome. He struck just as security was changing shifts. The area had been secured by the Night Men just a week prior. We established a perimeter after the clearing following all the standard protocols. We are only talking about an area of a few blocks in London as you well know they are important blocks. The Crown Jewels, at least that's what the tourists thought, were on display a few miles away. But here, deep under this group of flats, Owned by the Crown, were the real thing. In fact all of the most glorious pieces that the Crown had come into ownership of over the years were housed here. Things that were spoken of in whispers and hushed tones, the things of legend. They were here.

The plan was supposed to be simple; the Night Men would clear the area. We would secure it. Then we'd move the articles to a more secure location. All was going according to plan. As I stated earlier the Night Men did their job superbly, they are a blessing to the Crown during this cursed hell storm. Our men secured the area without incident. We began moving materials. Then he came...

From what we were able to gather comes solely from the men who survived. Our surveillance systems rendered useless. What we've pieced together is that during the early morning hours we had a shift change, now these are not posted or scheduled, they happen randomly so as to prevent any patterns forming, thus causing holes in the system. Now the way a shift change works is the guard on duty is relieved, no pomp and circumstance, their relief just shows up and they pass the torch. This night was no different except that as the change is happening someone stepped out of the shadows. What ensued resulted in the death of one man. The other… The doctors are unsure, he sustained major injuries. He was able to tell us an accounting. The doctors have induced a coma. The are cautiously optimistic. It is sad to say that his service to the Queen is over regardless.

What did he take? Only one item. An item of immense power. Power that it has gained through the stories that have been told about it for countless generations. Something that Hitler once wished to posses.

The item.

This is off the record?

The Spear of Destiny.

Yeah that one. The spear that pierced the side of Christ. It is now in the hands of Fantome. Or whomever paid him to retrieve it.

It's powers? The man who could answer that is dead. The Queen wanted to ensure that only a handful of people knew of the items existence never mind what it was capable of. The main scientist responsible for testing the legends, he'd dead. Killed during the first wave of THEM. With his death we lost any information he may have gained. As a failsafe the Queen also had standing orders in place that should any of the people who knew of its existence should go missing or die under unusual circumstances that all their records were to be destroyed.

I can say it's powerful. In what way Ican't say. Now it's in the hands of Fantome. I assure you no good can come of it.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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