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Who better to survive the undead plague than Frank Castle? The training, the resources, the will, yeah Frank was made for this. After spending so long killing mobsters and other underworld types killing the dead was easy. In fact Frank wasn't even surprised by the outbreak. The last thing he said to me before dropping me off here was, "It's about damn time."


I still remember when he unveiled his new "uniform." Six guns blazing he stepped out onto the street. He looked like something out of an old cowboy movie. Cowboy hat, duster, criss-crossed bandoleers, he even had cowboy boots damn it. He took each zombie out with a headshot. Didn't miss a one. When his revolvers were out he pulled a lever action Remington off his back and starting popping away from the hip. Never missed. When the smoke settled all that remained was Frank and me.


He explained that the Zed would turn the world upside down. Ammo would be more valuable than gold as would reliable weapons. He said even though he loved his newest toys that he wanted, no needed, to be sure he could always count on his pieces. He even had a little kit so he could make his own bullets anywhere. Now don't think Frank lost it, I almost did, no if there is one thing Frank is it's grounded. He had his six guns and lever action rifle but his steed... Now that was something else.


Damn thing hovered. Hovered. It looked like something out of a Star Wars movie. Except rather than having lasers this damn thing had a mini-gun and everything Frank needed to survive; MREs, water purification tabs, climbing supplies, backup weapons, tool kit, damn near everything. Seeing him sitting on that technological marvel blew me away. He said he had "borrowed" some plans from Stark Industries. Damn.


Frank's something else. He's the Punisher right to his core, but now, with the zed... I don't know what else to think other than he's looking forward to killing all those bad guys again.


Anyway he dropped me off here, said he needed a new Microchip, said he found out I was working for you and had been monitoring me for the entire time. He said he didn't want to kill me but if he ever saw me again he would.


Taken from transcript of interview of subject, Linus "Microchip" Leiberman. Interview conducted by Deputy Director Maria Hill, S.H.I.E.L.D.



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