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You how fucking sick and tired I am of being asked if I'm Lt. Stone? No I'm have both arms and legs damn it. Just because I have a British accent and a damn image intensifier doens't make me Stone you lousy fucks. Yeah I have a damn chip on my shoulder. I was around long before Stone showed up. Hell I trained the bastard. Somehow he became the damn poster child for the Kingdom.

Enough about Stone you fuck.

I've been workin' in the northern England clearing the dead and not so dead for months now. Every time we think we're getting ahead of the game more stumble out of the Channel. The Laird keeps sending more of his Iron Grenadiers but each batch seems to be getting younger and less experienced. I don't know how much longer he'll be supporting the Queen's cause.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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