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There are many in the new world reffered to as "Ghost" but this guy was known as "Ghost" before it became scary cliche name #1.

He served as an Army Ranger before going AWOL during Desert Storm. He stayed off the radar for several years when intel led to the discovery that he had become a traitor and joined Cobra. At least that's what the official word was at the time. He was said to be responsible for the deaths of more than 3 dozen US military servicemen. It wasn't until the end came that it was revealed that Ghost had in fact been recruited to CIA covert ops after showing "proficency" in certain areas that the Agency deemed of high value. He hadn't killed a single US military servicemen but had killed dozens of high profile Cobra operatives. It has been specualted that he was responsible for the murder of Dr. Venom after the discovery of the virus. This was never confirmed nor denied.


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