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Doctor Otto Octavius was a world renowned nuclear physicist, only in the wrong circles. Any group who could pay his hefty fees received his twisted services. Doing "research" for such "clients" made it hard for him to find trustworthy assistants. Thus, he created his added appendages. A neural interface allows Doctor Octavius to control his arms and legs with mere thoughts. At times they seem to act of there own accord, especially when in defense of the Doctor. Rumors abound that in addition to the neural connections the Doctor's extra arms and legs have limited A.I., this of course has not been confirmed. Doc Ock has relied on his robotic legs for so many years that his natural legs have begun to atrophy. This has led him to focus his attention on his upper body strength which is at the peak of perfection.


"He's worked for the worst, North Korea, Iran, Al Qaeda, damn near any group that could pay for his services. We believe it was his handiwork that caused the nuclear exchanges at the onset of it all. How else do you explain 8 WMDs all going off simultaneously? Our sources believe he built in remote triggers for his own amusement. But that's not why you were called in.

We were caught completely off guard. We knew we were surrounded by THEM but we were not expecting him! He burst through the wall... Damn reinforced concrete... Came through like it was nothing. When he came through so did they. He stepped on a dozen of them... His arms destroyed everything that got in his way... Us and THEM. We tried to hold him back but... They were everywhere... Just flooded the room... He took it... He took the power core... Just imagine what he could do with it. The level of devestation that could be caused if he weaponizes it. The Pitt was powerless without it. When it went dark... His arms gave off an eerie red light. With THEM all around... It was too much for the new guys... It's bad enough to be covered in undead... But the brains of guys...

As he walked out he just smiled. The man is mad. He is to be found and killed. Do you understand? Dead. You'll probably only get one shot MacBride."

"I only need one."


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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