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A master swordsman, Iaido takes his name directly from the title of the Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.


Training from a early age, Iaido worked tirelessly day and night to perfect his kata. His skill won him accolades in competitions around the world.


Now you probably expect some sob story about a sick grandfather who raised him after his parents died in some car crash or other tragic event. Well, you couldn't be farther from the truth. He had a picturesque upbringing. His parents were happily married, he had a younger sister, and he was popular in high school; star quarter back, homecoming king, "most likely to succeed." He received a full ride to Yale on a football scholarship. Majoring in Asian Studies Iaido immersed himself in his research.


He became obsessed with Ronin, masterless samurai who failed to commit oibara seppuku, ritual suicide. The stories of Miyamoto Musashi, the famed swordsman, and the Forty-seven Rōnin. His imagination captured by the tales of fierce duels and glorious battles. He decided to become a sword-for-hire, a wandering Ronin. Iaido would work for the highest bidder regardless of the target. He would travel around the world to attend various competitions, compete during the day, and then kill by night. There was never any solid evidence so we never picked him up. But where ever he arrived someone died at the end of a sword.


After the end began Iaido, like so many of his kind, fell off the radar, we had more important things to deal with. Sure we got scattered reports from around the world of a masked swordsman, but hell with the growing numbers of THEM everywhere, everyone had a mask and a sword, or pistol, or rifle. We couldn't keep track of all our targets. We had to focus on securing supply lines, safeguarding political leaders, hell trying to find a cure.


After several years of survival mode we still don't know where half of the worlds mercs, murderers, and freaks are. Most of us hope THEY got 'em. Yeah I know it adds to their ranks but THEY don't know how to use weapons. We do. Doesn't mater how good you were alive, undead you're little more than a loud slow moving target for one of our guys.


Yeah yeah, Iaido, like I said we haven't been tracking him as closely as we used to. We did get some intel suggesting that he was entering some sort of life or death martial arts contest. Don't know if that intel holds any water or not.


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What is the parts list on this guy he looks Amazing!!


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