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When Federal Agents stormed the Bat Cave, located deep under Wayne Manner, Tony Stark was killed and with him his alter ego Iron Man. However, neither Bruce Wayne nor The Batman was apprehended. After nearly a year without a single sighting of The Batman and with their hands full with THEM the government gave up their search for Public Enemy #1. That is when The Batman came back.

Wearing an advanced armor with marked similarities to one of Iron Man's many suits The Batman took back the night only not in Gotham. He has been sighted in every former major city and current survivor settlement from Florida to Maine. It is said that The Batman sweeps in whenever survivors are under siege and quickly and efficiently eradicates the threat.


His suit appears to integrate multiple types of cloaking and stealth technologies. The Batman seems to rely on hand to hand weapons, namely two short swords. Reports say that he can also shoot high velocity projectiles from the wrist gauntlets. Investigation and autopsies of The Batman's undead victims show signs of entry wounds however no projectile has as of yet been retrieved.


The Batman is not to be engaged. His 100% success rate has made the upper brass turn a blind eye to his actions. However, rest assured once the threat from the undead has been eliminated so too will The Batman.

Thanks to Keenan for the pics. This is an oldie but goodie made for a figure swap. IT is still one of my favorite figures I've ever made and one day I hope to get the parts to remake one for my collection. Seeing this really makes me want to update my Joker.




"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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Current occupants of Fort Redemption *SPOILERS*

Joes: Lone-Wolf, Reaper, CrossFire, GhostFace, Acre, Centurion, Hit and Run, Joy-Ride.

Panther Squad : Thunder, Dense, Downtown, Vince, Flak-Rain.

Valhalla Squad : Butch, Dane, Night Fox.

Steel Brigade : Ice, Dice, Decibel, Sun Beat.

The Guards : Hernandez Garcia, Roger "Roggie" Prince, Jermaine "Loks" Trueman, Daniel "Dazzer" Smithsford.

MI5 : Charlotte Button, Dan " Spider " Sheperd, Jimmy " Razor " Sharpe, Amar Singh.

SAS And the Increment: Major Gannon, Sgt. Bromley, Griffin.

Others: Liam Sheperd, Narco-Viper Squad Zeta.

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