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Brainsick is th ruthless leader of The Clowns, the gang of... well former clowns... He currently rules over Sarasota Florida where he is in a turf war with The Mimes (yeah the guys trapped in invisible boxes). As scary as it all is Sarasota is the only true "safe zone" in the country... I mean safe. THEY won't go near the area, we don't know why but when THEY get close to the borders of Sarasota they shamble away. We don't know why. Anyone who goes there looking for safe haven is taken before Brainsick and given a choice, wear the paint or die. Yeah he makes everyone clowns and makes everyone fight.

Brainsick, well his name is pretty damn self explanatory. The guy is sick in the head. He hacks his victims with a machette while he laughs. He's more disturbed then the Joker.

During one fight with The Mimes he took a page from Vlad the Impaler. He ordered the enemy taken alive then had them skewered and placed on the border between the gang territories. Here's where his sickness shows through... He had several undead collected, beheaded, and had the heads put on the posts where they could eat away at the mimes. He really is a sick bastard.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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