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Originally an employee of Gotham Public Works in teh Power and Light division, the man formerly known as Lester Buchinsky was involved in an incident on the job. As he was working diligently to repair down power lines after a powerful hurricane had unleashed it's fury upon Gotham Lester was struck by lightning. He was in his Cherry Picker basket at the time wearing all necessary safety gear and should have been at least semi insulated from the strike. Such was not the case. The bolt threw Lester's unconcious and burning body through the air. When he came to he was in the Wayne Burn Unit at Gotham hospital. He had suffered thrid degree burns over 95% of his body. His chances of survival were slim to none.

Yet survive he did.

While undergoing treatment the nurses noticed strange occurences involving the equipment in Lester's room. The various monitors and machines would sporatically shut off or register false readings. Also noted by nurses was that the contacts for the various readouts were melting when left on Lester's skin. There was no explanation as he ran no temerature and was in fact being kept cool in an attempt to help alleviate the excrutiating pain of his wounds.

One night, after having spent several weeks in the hospital, Lester just disappeared. The only clues left behind were marks melted into the linoleum floor that looked like footprints as well as handprints melted into both the window glass and sill.

After several days the search for Lester was called off. There seemed to be no trace of him. That was until a brazen night time robbery in the Jewelry District brought attention back to the missing Gotham Power and Light employee. When the Batman arrived he was shocked to see a man who appeared to be deeply burned unleashing bolts of electricity from his hands. Somehow Lester had gained the ability to absorb, manipulate, and control electricity. He wore what looked like the legs of a wet suit of heavy industrial insulated boots. He had heavy gloves with him as well, which he took off when directing the lightning like currents. He also wore a helm that appeared to be a modified version of the Gotham Power and Light helmet. As The Batman approached he was hit by a dierected burst of energy. He flew back into a wall, his suit smoking with a hole punched through the outer layer. Lester, now Electrocutioner as the media dubbed him, had escaped while The Batman colelcted himself.

The Batman created a new more insulated suit specifically designed to deal with Electrocutioner. Before he had his chance THEY showed up. It's unclear what happened to Lester after the hordes attacked. Some say he works for The Joker, others say Black Mask, still more say he's working for Gotham's newest crime kingpin, Penguin. One thing is for sure, with The Batman missing and the world in shambles shoudl Electrocutioner show up it will be bad news for anyone around.


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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