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This is Honey Badger. Watch her kill in slow motion. Ignore her perky boobs bouncing cause she's bad-ass. Look she kills all over the place. "Woah, watch out!" says that fighter. Ew, she's killed a snake, a Cobra Ninja to be precise. She really doesn't give a shit If she's hungry she-ew what's that in her mouth? Another Cobra Ninja the one in white. Now watch this, look, a snake’s up in a tree. Honey Badger don’t care. Honey Badger don’t give a shit, she just takes what she wants. Whenever she's hungry she just- ew! And she eats the snake. She's eating his eyes. Oh my god watch her stab. Look at that stabbing. Honey Badger is pretty bad-ass. She has no regard for any fighter whatsoever. Look at her just grunting and ew! Eating snakes!


Honey Badger has fairly long legs and broad shoulders. Which she uses to beat the crap out of people. Hard kicks and lots of punches and stabs. Now look, here's a house full of Kumite fighters. You think Honey Badger cares? She doesn't give a shit. She goes right into the ring to fight, kill, and eat fighters. She eats fighters. Ew, that’s so nasty. But look, Honey Badger doesn’t care, she’s getting stabbed like a thousand times. She doesn’t give a shit, she just, she’s hungry. She doesn’t care about being stabbed by punks. Nothing can stop Honey Badger when she’s hungry. Oh what a crazy fuck! Look! Ew, she's eating innards, that's disgusting. Oh she knows her sword scabbard makes it look like she's shiting but she just doesn't give a shit. It's her warning to her enemies, "I'm gonna stab you, kill, you, eat you, then shit you out."


See, now what’s interesting is that other, other fighters like ninjas here they just like to wait around until Honey Badger's done eating and then they swoop in to pick up the scraps. They says, “You do all the work for us Honey Badger and we’ll just stab whatever you leave, how’s that? What do you say, stupid?” Honey Badger does all the work while these other wanna be fighters just pick up the scraps. She doesn't care she lets them think they can beat her after she's killed everyone but then she just turns around and kills them too, then eats them.


At night time Honey Badger goes hunting, cuz she's hungry. Look! Here comes a fierce battle between Snake Eyes and Honey Badger, who is eating a Cobra. I wonder what will happen. Look at this, there's Honey Badger just eating a Cobra. Then look. "Get away from me!" Says Snake Eyes (yeah Honey Badger is so bad-ass she makes Snake Eyes break his vow of silence). "Get away from me!" Honey Badger don't care. Honey Badger smacks the shit out of him. Snake Eyes comes back and lashes out at Honey Badger. Oh! Little does Honey Badger know, FYI she's been stabbed. She's been stabbed, so while eating Snake Eyes-ew, that's disgusting- meanwhile she's bleeding out. Now Honey Badger is gonna pass out for a millisecond. Look at her. Now she's gonna pass out for a millisecond then she's right back on her feet, kicking the half eaten carcass of Snake Eyes, that stabbing dead fuck (she never passes out long enough for one of those losers to try and kill her, besides they can't see anyway cause they're covered in her victims' spurting arterial blood). Now she's gonna finish eating him like nothing ever happened, cuz she's a hungry bitch. And of course, what does Honey Badger have to eat for the next few weeks? Snake Eyes.


Honey Badger's favorite style is Honey Badger MMA, which she was first exposed to in New Zealand. After mastering the blended style she quickly killed her Sensei and ate him, cause she just don't care. She is fierce and deadly with her badger claws, razor sharp lightening fast triple blades. She cuts and carves anyone and anything that comes within the range of her long, lean, powerful arms. If she's disarmed through some misfortune, her badger blades getting stuck in the bones of her victims, she doesn't give a shit. She just pulls out one of her other weapons, all of which are deadly in her hands: dual sai, dual Tantō, dual tonfa, dual throwing stars or her single Katana (once the property of the legendary Snake Eyes. After killing him Honey Badger was heard saying, "'Silent Master' my ass I've got gas like a mother, and it ain't no SBD." Who heard her say this is unknown as everyone around her dies. Some say she said it to herself and the all mighty Beard of Norris heard her words, shook in fear, and spread the legend as it ran screaming from the face of Chuck). On occasion Honey Badger decides she just doesn't give a... well you know, and she just starts wreaking havoc with her hands using the deadly mixed style of Silat. She used this style while making the Cobra ninja Storm Shadow crap his Gi before feasting on him. See she doesn't care that he was human he worked for Cobra and what is the favorite food of wild honey badgers? That's right f'in Cobras.


Fighting Styles:

Hand to hand: Silat - Martial Arts of South Asia

Katana / Tanto styles: Iaido, Yoshinkan Aikido, Tantojutsu

Sai styles: Juttejutsu, Okinawan kobudō

Tonfa styles: Ryukyu Kobujutsu, Okinawan kobudō



Dual Triple Bladed Claws, Dual Sais, Dual Tantō, Dual Throwing Stars, Dual Tanfa, Single Katana



"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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