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"Hey did ya hear about Brown from computer crimes?"

"No what happen? He get carpal tunnel and claim an on the job injury?"

"Nah man he's dead."

"Wuh.. Crap. What happened?"

"Apparently he was sent into the field for his first time and got taken out by a stray bullet."

"One of ours?"

"You know it. Thing is after being hit the brass loaded him into a bus and, well no ones really knows what happened to him, there was no wake, no funeral. Nothing. Until the other day."

"Why didn't anyone tell me? I could used the time off even if it was to go see a stiff."

"It's not like that man. The other day he walked into HQ."

"I thought you said he bit it."

"That's the thing man. He did. Dead as s**t. But he's back."

"Like a zombie." He says arms outstretched, "I've come to eat your brains."

"Ha! No man, not like that, but it's something just as strange. I saw him, he's… different. Hell man his eyes glow yellow. And he seems… taller. I heard they did some experiments on him, some Robocop type s**t. I heard some tech guy call him Inspector Gadget."

The second man doubles over with laughter. Catching his breath, "Wait. Are you telling me those tech heads named him after a goddamn cartoon character?"


"Oh come on man you never heard of Inspector Gadget. He was a cartoon from the early 80s some imbecile "inspector" who always f**ked s**t up but somehow saved the day. He was all 'Go Go Gadget bats**t.' Really f**kin' stupid but my kids loved it."

"That's fuckin' funny."

"If you tell me he has a dog named Brain and a kid named Penny I'll piss myself."

As the two men laugh at their own jokes a third voice startles them from behind.

"Actually Penny was Gadget's niece. My daughter happens to be named Penelope. And yeah I named my dog Brain, something you two jackasses don't have."


"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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Man, how did I miss all of these?!? Still they all are great.

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