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The President mobilized everyone; National Guard, Reserves, Active Duty, even the Ready Reserve. Any man or woman who received military training in the last six years was suddenly thrust into the shit. The guys just back from Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere they fought bravely, some carving out little areas of resistance where they could hold ground and provide security to those who could make it to them.

The others... The weekend warriors who hadn't seen action outside the wire. The guys who never went to the Sandbox. The men and women who had hung up their uniforms for soccer games and minivans. They didn't fare so well.

That's not to say they didn't fight bravely, they did. They did their best. Many were overrun trying to secure checkpoints. Others went AWOL (absent without leave) feeling that the possibility of being prosecuted was worth the chance of surviving to see their families.

 What this all meant was a lot of abandoned supplies and armor. Hummers, Bradleys, various APCs littered the highways and city streets. Many were destroyed as squads retreated and regrouped. Others fell victim to enemy fire (the Last Man On Earth assholes). Some were just deserted, left to the elements. Every once in a while a survivor would stumble upon a piece only to realize real life wasn't like a movie and they couldn't just hop in and start it up. Every so often though a group would come along and someone would have a working knowledge of a vehicle's use.

The 'Noks are one such group.

Red Beard having spent time in the Army, Infantry, spent enough time climbing in and out of armor and pounding back enough brew with guys to have a basic grasp of how to work it. When they found it had shown signs of taking small arms fire, several panels were pried off, and it was covered in gore. The 'Noks didn't waste time, they immediately began unloading their tools and welding equipment form their pick up and set to work. Time was not on their side as the noise starting drawing THEM out of the surrounding area forcing the 'Noks to forego many of their preferred modifications; paint, spikes, Mad Max style craziness.

Now they cruise the Wastes searching for diesel, arms, ammo, and Zartan.

Their custom "hood ornament" 'Stan is a gruesome warning to any survivors, rebels, or bandits that the 'Noks mean business.

'Stan the "Hood Ornament"

I added LEDs to the front

The gear. I neglected to pull out the huge axe that's mounted on the side (you can see in the fourth pic).

"Hey Thumb gimme my rifle will ya I pulled sentry duty."

This started out as a Captain America Strikefire Transport. I liked the design except for all the dead space inside so I gutted it and added a turret stand using some random piece I had in my fodder. I gave it a coat of paint and added weathering and damage. I then in true SGCaper fashion loaded it up with tons of gear. Their is a weapons rack mounted inside along with the crate and various tool boxes and welding wet ups. There are a few things I still plan to add and I'll update the pics after I do.




"O, woe be the day the enemy descends, mourn we will, for the sake of all that's holy in this universe....

... 'cause the Alley Viper Corps is gonna fuck it ALL up!" - NFC

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